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Effective London pest control – intensive pest Bird cleaning

Bird droppings from pigeons smell, are unsightly and spread disease including Cryptococcsis , Histoplasmosis and Psittacosis. They are dangerous when wet – a light shower can turn a construction site and any public area into an ice skating rink.
Bird droppings on the exterior of a building – the sills, the walls and signage are unattractive.  Ignore them and the acid they contain will erode the fabric of the surface. For any building, but especially one of architectural significance the cost of restoring it to its former glory can be astronomical.

Because pigeons roost and build their nests in chimney areas and gutters, they present a fire and a flooding hazard. The weight of their droppings have on many occasions led to entire ceilings collapsing in both occupied and empty buildings.

Bird droppings can clog ventilation ducts. ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ in the Greater London area is on the rise attributed to the parasites and fleas in the bird droppings and nests being circulated around the building via the air conditioning ducts.

Bird droppings should not be cleaned by your maintenance team

They can ingest the airborne particles and will have neither the cleaning equipment nor the professional expertise and training to safely eliminate them. Bird droppings are also found in very hard to reach areas such as the roof voids and in the rooftop air conditioning equipment.

Don’t ignore the problem! When the droppings have been fully eradicated with a professional sanitisation programme your building must be effectively pigeon proofed if.

Dyno Pest technicians are accredited, extensively trained and qualified to sanitise any area of your building and any equipment affected by pigeon droppings. They will sanitise the affected areas in a safe, professional and efficient manner. A regular programme of clean-up is the only way to avoid the many problems associated with bird droppings.

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