Solar Panel Protection

Are your solar panels an unwanted target for Pest Birds and Squirrels?

If you’ve noticed pigeons roosting in the space between your solar panels and your roof, or perhaps they’re fouling your solar panels, you need to seek professional help. Left unchallenged pigeons and squirrels can damage your entire solar panel system so that it generates less electricity and some parts need replacing much earlier than anticipated.

For example did you know that:

  • Pigeon droppings on just 50% of one of your panels can lead to a  50% reduction in the energy conversion of your entire solar system. 
  • In colder weather especially pigeons will roost in the space between the panels and your roof. They will build nests and can damage the fine connecting wires (as can squirrels). This will impact on the performance of your solar system. 
  • Ammonia in bird fouling rots the aluminium frames of your panels. 
  • Once pigeons have made your solar panel system their home they can block your gutters and down pipes with bird droppings and nesting material.

Don’t attempt to solve the problem yourself! Contact Dyno-Pest; a BPCA accredited brand with decades of experience and expertise.

  • You are at risk of invalidating your solar panel warranty if you don’t use qualified professionals.
  • The roof of your home is a hazardous area. Bird proofing should only be undertaken by trained, accredited and expert professionals.
  • If you try and fit netting yourself this could result in birds and squirrels becoming trapped in the netting.

Let Dyno-Pest safely and effectively bird-proof your solar panels.

  • A qualified and accredited Dyno-Pest surveyor will survey your solar panel system and get to the root of the problem – at no charge. Arrange one now
  • You will receive a detailed written quotation including images of those areas that are affected by pest birds and those that are on red alert (at high risk of damage by pigeons, or squirrels). We will explain our recommended solutions in detail. Ask us any questions about this now

Why choose Dyno-Pest to pigeon proof your solar panel system? 

  • Our solar panel proofing systems are non-penetrating – they won’t invalidate your warranty nor the performance of your solar panel system. We don’t screw, drill or use adhesives on the panels. Our UV polycarbonate clips will not scratch the surface of the panels. We use professional grade ‘invisible’ mesh fitted tightly to protect the perimeter of your solar panel system. Birds and squirrels can no longer enter and they can’t get trapped when they try to. 
  • A brand you can trust. We are longstanding members of the British Pest Control Association. We have decades of experience in successfully treating pest bird problems for homeowners and business owners. 

Don’t worry anymore! Contact Dyno-Pest today

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