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Why pest management and business success go hand in hand

The long term success of any business involved in the preparation and serving of food ultimately comes down to building a fantastic reputation. But whereas regular customers are hard to win, they are very easy to lose, and underpinning that great reputation are flawless hygiene standards that are consistently adhered to, day in and day out. Sometimes that reputation can be lost in a matter of days due to one outbreak of pests. And, there are no guarantees of a recovery. A proactive pest control and pest prevention programme is vital – to maintain hygiene standards and protect customers and staff and to keep your reputation intact.

Why you need a pest control programme

The unfortunate fact is that wherever food is being stored, prepared and served, there exists a strong threat of cockroaches, flying insects, rats and mice. These pests carry disease that can spread to humans. Whether you own one gastro pub, a chain of prestigious restaurants, a commercial kitchen or a private catering outlet, you must have a robust pest control programme in place or you are putting your business, staff and customers at risk.

Dyno-Pest Technicians are proactive

You can trust Dyno-Pest. Our proactive approach, and our focus on prevention rather than fire fighting means that your Dyno-Pest technician does far more than simply checking bait boxes and bait stations on his regular scheduled visits. He spends time actively searching for the smallest signs of pest activity. Any risks that he identifies can then be highlighted at an early stage and preventative action taken. Discover why cheap pest control can cost you your reputation.

Free on-site survey

It all adds up to peace of mind. We have many clients in the food sector, including dozens of household names, and are solely responsible for the pest control and pest prevention on their premises. A member of your team, or worse still a customer, should not be the first person to alert you to a pest problem. Read this article for more details. Contact us if you would like to speak to one of our Dyno-Pest surveyors to arrange a free on-site survey of your premises.

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