Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disinfection & Sanitising Services

Same day emergency service offered to homes and businesses in London.
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‘Making Spaces Safe’

  • Offices, commercial buildings, leisure facilities, restaurants, hotels, offices, care homes and schools in the Greater London area need our anti-virus disinfection & deep cleaning services to create safe spaces.
  • Our team has 25 years’ experience removing viruses and bacterial risks from workplaces and our sister brand Dyno-Pest is a well-respected industry leader.
  • We use the highest specification of equipment and the most powerful micro encapsulated disinfectant that kills any airborne virus too.
  • Our technicians know how fogging treatments should be applied in all areas of your building to kill all viruses.
  • Our services include an emergency 24-hour response when you have an outbreak of COVID-19, a pre-opening service to protect staff and reassure visitors and a COVID-19 survey. We offer a price lock guarantee on all contracts.

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Why Dyno Pest?

Fogging is not a new service for us. We have been disinfection fogging buildings in the Greater London area for decades. Fogging is extremely effective at killing COVID-19 but it requires experience and expertise.

We use the safest and most effective products. So, the disinfectant we use has been scientifically proven to protect a building for up to 31 days. And our technicians are used to working alongside your cleaning people and janitorial teams to ensure that treatments are applied rigorously and without delay – at no risk to these other essential services. We offer treatments outside of your opening hours including at weekends too.

We have built our reputation on consistency of service and great customer service. This is in our DNA. So, every client will benefit from our service commitment regardless of size and sector, whether single building or multiple buildings.

Our technicians

We care about your safety and our technician’s. They will visit your premises in fully encapsulated personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes full face respiratory masks covering eyes, mouth and nose, protective disposable gloves, overalls, and overshoes. Essentially, they are in a protective bubble. They follow all applicable rules and guidance from the UK governments and agencies such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Whilst fogging your building they will deploy video and take photographs. This is a popular service because it reassures employees they are returning to a safe workplace and visitors they are entering a safe space.

The disinfectant we use

We use a specialised 7th Generation government approved Micro-Emulsion anti-viral disinfectant with a sustained release system. This is applied using our ultra-low volume mist machines. All areas are coated with this colourless, non-toxic odourless disinfectant including floors, soft furnishings, ceilings, walls, skirting boards, cupboards etc – even the undersides of shelves and desks. As the micro particles settle onto the surfaces the disinfectant kicks in fast killing bacteria and viruses. When applied by specialist ULV and spraying equipment it has been independently and scientifically tested to kill 99.999% all harmful pathogens and viruses within five minutes. This includes COVID-19, Norovirus, Swine Flu, HIV, Hepatitis C, E. coli, Salmonella.

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We spray, it dries, and the surfaces are used as normal. And because of the Reactive Barrier Technology your building is safe for many days – from 7 days up to a full month depending on how your building is used.

Services we offer for businesses in the Greater London area.

24-hour rapid response

If you have an outbreak of COVID-19 or a suspected outbreak you don’t want to have to wait days for your building to be disinfected and all traces of the virus removed – before you can reopen. We offer a rapid response 24 hour call out. You can contact us at any time to book this service.

Preventative disinfection to curb or prevent the spread of any infection

With the current restrictions now being eased and more people returning to work this should be part of your ongoing plan to protect staff and visitors. It is a proactive protection service – making your workplace a safe space.

COVID-19 contingency survey

At no charge, a technician will undertake a detailed site survey which is kept with your preauthorisation of works, method statement and risk assessment. Should an outbreak of COVID-19 be reported, we will act without delay. You are guaranteed the fastest response with everything in place for rapid disinfection.

Pre-opening COVID-19 service

Our technician will visit your premises and provide a fixed quote for disinfecting and deep cleaning which takes place on a pre-agreed date before you re-open. This will reassure returning customers that your business has been given a clean bill of health.

Businesses that use our services

No organisation is immune to the threat of an outbreak of COVID-19 and this is reflected in the clients that contact us. Our anti-viral disinfectant & deep cleaning services are being used by schools, care homes, offices, restaurants, sports clubs, hotels, restaurants, apartment blocks and more.