Commercial Mats for Rent or Purchase

Many washroom clients choose to rent or buy their mats from us because we offer every kind of mat imaginable at very competitive prices. And you can order from just one mat up to thousands!

We supply 500 different types of mat including:

  • rubber mats – tough mats for high traffic areas
  • entrance floor mats from basic designs to off the wall stunning
  • external mats – trapping dirt before it enters your building
  • safety mats – protecting visitors and your team from unnecessary accidents
  • anti fatigue mats – durable mats with a longer life span
  • comfort step mats – to feel like you are walking on air
  • water guard mats – important for those areas that attract excessive moisture
  • coir logo mats – effective advertising for  your brand

The 70% dust and dirt trapper mats

We can supply mats that will trap up to 70% of the dirt, dust and grit that would otherwise be carried into and around your building.

When you compare the modest cost of renting or purchasing your mats from Dyno Washroom to replacing your floors because of  heavy traffic damage it makes sense to talk to us!

Let us show you the most cost-effective options available with our range of over 500 mats.  Contact us today.