10 Best Pest Control Tips for Businesses

No business is immune to pest infestations. An infestation in a commercial facility can quickly become a full-blown problem, resulting in a damaged reputation and significant financial loss. If your business is at risk, the solution is to be proactive. That’s why in this article, we’ll share 10 pest control tips for businesses you can put into practice to save yourself future headaches.

Your business could close if the infestation gets out of hand, and, in this age of TikTok, you could suffer the humiliation of negative social media buzz and bad reviews. So how can you, as a business owner, avoid costly damage to property, assets and reputation caused by pests? 

Statistics on the Business Impact of Pests

A study by the Centre for Economics and Business Research analysed the business and economic impact of pest infestations in over 1000 companies across 5 developed countries, including the UK.

This research reported that:

  • 15% of companies experienced impact to revenue due to loss of customer trust.
  • 41% expressed their concern about staff morale being affected.
  • Loss of reputation was the main concern for 28% of companies.

Across these countries, the disruptions caused by pest incidences in 2015 resulted in:

  • An increase of £5.8 billion in operating costs
  • A decrease of £11.8 billion in revenue

The Centre for Economics and Business Research concluded that pest infestations have a significant financial impact on UK businesses. UK businesses were among the least proactive on pest control seeing the most days disrupted due to pest infestation:

  • 48% of UK businesses that had experienced an infestation incident reported that it took more than 15 days to overcome the period of disruption and get back to a normal routine.

There’s no doubt that a proactive approach can reduce business disruption and implementing preventative measures can help reduce the chances of a pest infestation.

What businesses can do to prevent pest infestation.

These are our top 10 pest control tips for businesses:

Minimise opportunity for entry

  1. Make sure gaps and cracks are sealed around windows and doors. 
  2. Also check if there are any holes on the outside of your business that could be entry points and seal them.
  3. Repair damaged fascia, soffits and roof tiles; insects are attracted to damaged wood.
  4. It’s important to keep tree branches and shrubbery well-trimmed and to carefully choose decorative plants for your business premises.

Limit access to food and areas attractive to pests

  1. It’s essential that your company has a proper waste management system in place. Rubbish should be stored in sealed containers and disposed of regularly. If your property has a dumpster, you should ensure that it is emptied several times a month.
  2. High traffic areas, such as lounges, break rooms, pantries, kitchen areas and bathrooms, should be cleaned several times a day to prevent the accumulation of crumbs and rubbish. 
  3. Make sure basements and crawl spaces are dry and well-ventilated.

Pay attention to early warning signs

  1. Carry out routine inspections of drains to keep pests away from sinks and floor drains in your business premises.
  2. Look for signs of an infestation, including droppings, nesting materials and unusual smells. For instance, look for rodent droppings in attics, wardrobes, along floorboards and other undisturbed areas.

Invest in innovative, effective pest control solutions

  1. Find a professional pest control partner that can help you implement an integrated pest management plan for your business to minimise pest outbreaks. Don’t forget that all pest control solutions should be tailored to the specific characteristics of your premises.

Dyno-Pest: Your Pest Control Company in London

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