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Effective Letting Agents Pest Control in London

Dyno-Pest has many years of experience in commercial pest control, working with letting agents of commercial and residential properties. 

You need an efficient and effective service that extends to all your properties, regardless of size, use and age. You can rely on our pest control company to help you deliver a property management service to the highest standards.

Perhaps you want to compare us with your existing provider of pest control services or have a problem that is proving hard to resolve. Don’t let pests damage your reputation or relationship with your landlords or tenants.   

Contact Dyno-Pest today for a free survey of one or all of your tenanted buildings.  

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The services we supply to lettings agents

  • Ongoing management of all properties on a contractual basis
  • One-off or multiple treatments in response to an outbreak
  • Tenant changeover inspections – the departing tenant may have unwittingly introduced unwanted pests, including bedbugs, cockroaches and ants, which will remain in residence. A thorough inspection before the new tenant moves in, followed by swift and effective treatment, can be crucial to the smooth transition between tenants.
  • Consultancy services. Some of your buildings may need proofing from pests. We can advise of the proofing measures needed. Some tenants may need to be educated about pests and how they can minimise any outbreaks. We provide training to staff and advice to you and your residents.

Get Your Pest Problem Fixed, Today.

Honest and robust assessments of pest outbreaks

You need a robust and honest expert assessment of every pest outbreak, including what caused it. 

For example, was it the fault of your tenant? 

Was the existing proofing ineffective? Does the building need proofing against certain types of pests? 

Has the change of use of a building caused the problem? Are neighbouring properties or nearby construction works to blame? 

Choosing Dyno-Pest as your pest management and pest control partner will ensure you get accurate, experienced advice.

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Years of Experience

The importance of choosing a qualified and experienced professional

You need a professional who is suitably qualified and accredited. Dyno-Pest is a long-standing member of the British Pest Control Association. The methods and treatments we employ are environmentally responsible, comply with all UK and EU legislation, and ensure the health and safety of everyone involved.

Dyno-Pest has the skills and resources to handle all pest issues plus the ability and expertise to implement all types of discreet and effective pest-proofing. Dyno-Pest manages all pest problems, from rats and mice to pigeons, bedbugs, cockroaches and flying insects. Prevention is our aim, something that we achieve through meticulous surveying, proofing and scheduled site inspections

As professional pest controllers, we understand that you need a discreet, flexible, and reliable pest control service. That is why we operate a 24-hour help desk and can attend properties out of hours and at weekends when needed. 

Choose Dyno-Pest as your pest management and pest control partner, and you will benefit from experienced, accurate advice you can trust.


Why Dyno-Pest Is The Best Choice For Letting Agents Pest Control

At Dyno-Pest, we have more than 25 years of experience which means that we know the latest in effective pest management. Furthermore, our technicians are fully trained and understand what methods should be implemented to treat pest infestation.

When you contact us, we do everything possible to get to your site as quickly as possible, working efficiently to eradicate the problem. Our commercial pest control service is reliable and flexible. We aim to provide a first-class service that helps to deal with pests in the right way. With our professional approach, we are confident that we are the right fit for your business. 

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