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Trusted Mice Control In London

Mice are a prevalent pest and can cause considerable damage to your property if left untreated. Mice will also increase quickly in numbers, so early treatment is critical. Dyno-Pest provides a professional mice control service to homes and businesses throughout London.

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Common Signs Of A Mouse Infestation

There are some very common signs that you may see to indicate you have a mouse infestation. They are:

  • Finding little black droppings
  • Noticing chewed food packets or bin bags.
  • Hearing scuttling sounds in your cupboards or beneath the floorboards
  • You may even see the mice themselves.

At the first sign of any of the above, it is recommended you speak with a mice removal expert. Dyno-Pest over a free survey to help located and devise the best plan to remove the mice from your property.

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Mice Control For London Businesses

Dyno-Pest are experts in mice removal services for many different types of businesses. With many decades of experience working in prestigious buildings, offices, hotels, and restaurants, we have regularly undertaken highly successful mice extermination programs in these settings.

We are also trusted by facility managers, construction companies and property management agents, and their clients.

We understand that having a mouse infestation can be embarrassing, and may not look very good for your brand. As we care about your business, your staff, and your customers, we ensure our service is professional and discreet so that your customers are unaware of the issue.

Dyno-Pest can handle a mouse infestation of any size quickly and effectively, and use a combination of the latest safe, effective, and environmentally responsible treatments.

Our technicians will discover where mice are coming from, where they are nesting, and the damage they are causing all at our free survey stage. They can also implement an effective riddance program the same day or shortly thereafter and will continue to monitor your building. Our technicians will also advise your in-house teams on what they can do to prevent the chances of a re-infestation.

We offer early starts, late appointments, and weekend work so that you can choose a time that best suits you. If you have a real emergency take advantage of our 24-hour service.

You can fix an immediate date for a senior member of our team to survey your business’s property and report back on your mice infestation. If you agree, treatment can begin the same day or shortly thereafter.

For mice control in London, you can do no better than choose Dyno-Pest.

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Specialists In Mice Control Near You For London Homes

The house mouse is one of the most prolific pests in the UK for homes, on a par with, if not worse than, rats.

It is responsible for the spread of numerous diseases including toxoplasmosis (a disease that can be a threat to pregnant women), salmonella, and typhus. They can contaminate food with their droppings, fur, and urine as they urinate constantly to mark territory. Mice also carry parasites, introducing them to your home, and they, in turn, bring their diseases.

As if this is not enough, mice, like all rodents, need to gnaw frequently to keep their teeth worn down and this can cause damage to woodwork, packaging, water and gas pipes, and even electrical cables, causing damage to equipment such as computers and a serious fire risk.

You may have only seen one mouse scurrying about and think the problem is a small one, but often it’s the male scouting for food for his family back in the nest. Mice breed prolifically, each pair producing up to eight litters of up to 16 young each in a year. These mice mature in 8-10 weeks and so the cycle continues and increases at an alarming rate. Mice these days are becoming resistant to some of the rodenticides available and their habits mean that traditional baiting and trapping techniques do not always work on their own.

For this reason, professional Dyno-Pest technicians may recommend a combination of techniques depending on the level of infestation and the area within the property. They will also ensure that any methods used pose no risk to children and family pets.
It is also essential to carry out proofing and preventative measures to eliminate the risk of re-infestation. Your fully-trained Dyno-Pest technician will be able to make appropriate recommendations.

For help with mice control for your home contact us today.

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