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Odour Detection & Removal Services In London

Pests are a very common reason for bad odours. Whether dead or alive, pests can live in conditions which gives rise to these odours.

If your environment is being affected by an unpleasant odour, and you’re unable to track what it is and where it’s coming from you can seek professional odour detection services to help to identify and eliminate bad smells and foul odours.

Left untreated, an odour from a pest can last for months, and if it’s the result of a dead pest you also have the additional problem of secondary infestations from flies and unpleasant bacteria.

Tracking the source of an odour is complex and challenging unless you have the right equipment and many years of professional experience and expertise. As an odour detection and removal experts, we can help.

In recent months we have received a record number of enquiries from people – business owners and homeowners, concerned about a bad or stale smell they can neither identify nor get. Some also report mould spores which will become more prevalent as the temperature drops.

Qualified and accredited Dyno-Pest odour specialists have many years of experience in successfully tracking and eliminating the foulest and hardest to reach pest odours.

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What Are The Most Common Reasons For Bad Smells & Foul Odours?

When you can’t find the source of your bad smell, the likelihood is that it originates from a source that you would not associate as the cause or it is not coming from your home or building.

Our technicians find the most common reasons for a bad smell include:

  • Dead rodents (mice and rats) in cavity walls, behind skirting boards, under the ceiling, in the loft insulation material. The rodents are then infested with flies/maggots creating a stench that can invade every room.
  • Smears left behind by rodents usually on skirting boards as they search for food. Again, these attract flies and crawling insects.
  • Urine and faeces from rodents and mice (alive and dead). Rice and mats will mark their territory with urine and faeces which can spread throughout a building, but this is not visible in open places (unless the infestation is widespread)
  • Rotten food left unnoticed in dark spaces can attract cockroaches.

However bad smells can also originate from other sources including:

  • Bacteria left to breed because of infrequent or inadequate cleaning (especially in kitchen spaces and restrooms)
  • Drains – blocked or rising due to flash flooding
  • Mould and mildew from poorly ventilated spaces and shoddy construction
  • Odours from poorly ventilated and inadequately cleaned restrooms
  • Combination odours – for example from new furniture, carpets, cooking, paint, and usually known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

For odours not caused by pests we have a variety of professional-grade products that can assist you in removing them permanently. 

These include:

  • Air purification units to clean and purify the air 24/7 including the removal of all viruses and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) 
  • Fogging treatments 
  • Ozone machines 
  • Deodorising 
  • Air fragrance 
  • Special wall coatings 
  • Endoscopes to precisely locate the source of the smell 

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What Are Volatile Organic Compounds?

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are gases emitted into the air from products or processes. They include a variety of chemicals that can have short and long terms adverse effects on health. Some can cause cancer. This is also known as Sick Building Syndrome.

They also react with other gases and form other air pollutants once airborne. They contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone. When released into the atmosphere, they react with nitrogen oxides (NOx) mainly emitted from vehicles and power plants to form ozone molecules which are fine particulates. Ground-level ozone impacts on human health and is the key pollutant that causes smog.

Why Bad Smells Are Bad For Business & Health

Some odours can cause temporary symptoms including headaches and nausea. Respiratory conditions such as asthma can worsen. If the smell is affecting your place of work, it will affect concentration levels and morale and it could breach health and safety regulations.

A foul odour can also affect customers. If a bad smell affects an office or showroom customers will not want to hang around for long and subsequently lead to a loss in sales.

Can You Get Rid Of A Bad Smell Yourself?

Masking is not the answer because it can give the illusion that the smell has been eradicated by any deodorising properties within the products used. If it has not been correctly identified and dealt with, the smell is likely to return, especially if you have a pest infestation (or the smell is attributed to VOCs). The pests will continue to make your property their home and this includes breeding.

Tracking the source of the bad smell must be the first step. If you do not do this, you are in effect masking the smell and it is likely to worsen. For example, if mice are the cause of your bad smell, then the infestation will only increase.

Tracking will involve speaking to neighbours or other tenants to see if they are affected by the smell too and to what degree.

Once you have tracked the source of the smell you will need to understand if it is a smell that you ‘own’ or the source is another party such as a tenant or neighbour. If you identify the drains as the source your neighbours will equally be affected, and you will likely need to call an odour detection specialist to pinpoint the problem.

If the source of the smell has been identified and you can eliminate it through intensive cleaning, please ensure that the space you are cleaning is one that you can tackle with ease and without affecting anybody else. But bear in mind, unless you maintain these new regimes and consider installing air purifiers, the smell is likely to return!

What If You Cannot Locate The Bad Smell?

Since finding the foul odour is the first step, if you can’t discover where it is coming from, we may help you to locate and eradicate the smell simply by sharing our professional advice. If this is not likely we can arrange a survey with you.

A Dyno-Pest odour detection and removal technician will visit your property and will be able to advise of the treatment required and if the smell is a sign of a pest infestation what steps he will take to eradicate the infestation and deodorise your property using professional-grade treatments. We do this by;

  • Using a range of equipment and forensic searches will help identify the source of the odour.
  • Using natural, safe, and environmentally friendly neutralisers, we will sanitise all affected areas and eliminate the odour, killing all bacteria. The air sterilising machines we use are powerful and safe which is especially important when you have the welfare of staff and customers to consider or you work in an environment in which food is prepared served or stored.

Get Rid Of Bad Smells Today!

Don’t let bad odour damage your reputation and your brand. At no charge, we will perform an initial survey of your premises and advise you on the recommended methods and treatments to eliminate them.

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