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Effective Pest Control for Industrial, Manufacturing and Supply Chain’s in London

Your premises, your production processes, materials and stock have to be effectively protected from unwanted and unforeseen outbreaks of pests.

Your customers will expect you to have an active pest prevention programme in place. What’s more, you can’t afford to experience unscheduled production breaks through site contamination from pests.

Each London-based industrial and manufacturing business that we work with presents its own unique set of challenges and needs with regards to their pest control and pest prevention requirements.

Working with food production manufacturers

We work with manufacturers that are involved in the production and packaging of food, where regular checks by outside audit organisations and inspectors are part and parcel of their business and they also have to comply with food hygiene legislation. Even one outbreak of pests could result in a loss of business and in a worst case scenario; the business could cease trading as customers withdraw their custom.

Involved in logistics and distribution?

For businesses involved in logistics and distribution, the need for effective pest control and pest prevention is equally as high. With goods regularly coming in and out of premises and often being stored on site, both the external perimeter of the building and the building itself has to be protected from pests.

A bespoke service

Because each Dyno-Pest client has different needs and challenges, we tailor our service to your exact requirements. This includes defining the number of service visits that you will need to ensure that pest outbreaks do not occur.

Free on-site survey

This is a really worthwhile exercise, one that our clients have found invaluable. It’s often the case that when you compare the service you could have, with the service you’re currently receiving  you can see the performance gap.

Contact us to arrange a visit from one of our specialist surveyors who will detail their findings in a report. This will include their recommendations for handling any existing pest problems together with a recommended pest control and pest prevention programme. Discover why cheap pest control can cost you your reputation.

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