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Because they damage foodstuffs, fabrics and fur many businesses are at risk of infestation from the two most common species of pest moth – the textile moth and the stored product moth.  Affected businesses can range from a bakery to a purveyor of spices, nuts and dried fruit to a museum, warehouses, shops, and factories that store fabric. Clothing shops from a Saville Row Tailor to a chain store can be severely impacted by pest moths. If left untreated or if DIY treatments are used, a minor problem can become a major infestation leading to hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage.

Don’t attempt a DIY treatment.  At the first sign of a moth infestation, call for qualified help from a trained Dyno-Pest moth control professional.

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Tell-tale signs of moth damage

The tell-tale signs of damage by moths are:

  • Loosely clinging webbing on food and fabric
  • Newly hatched larvae feed on fine materials
  • Clogging of machinery with webbing
  • Machinery breaking down for no apparent reason
  • Damage to stock or products
  • Pupal cases and adult moth remains within and around the packaging/foodstuffs/materials.

Click here for more information on signs of moth damage.

The damage to your business includes:

  • Loss of production and product recalls through stock contamination
  • Unlimited damage to your reputation, income and the value of your brand
  • Irreparable damage to irreplaceable items of historical/sentimental significance

‘Power of 3’ Protection Programme

Whilst it’s impossible to guarantee that your business will never be impacted by pest moths the risk they pose can be greatly reduced with the Dyno-Pest ‘Power of 3’ protection programme:


Moth Risk

A qualified Dyno-Pest surveyor will undertake a thorough on-site inspection and you will receive a report detailing findings, the proposed moth treatment plan, the maintenance programme and fees.


Treatment Recommendations

The latest treatments for pest moths employed by Dyno-Pest are discreet, and safe for use in all food areas and environments. No need to remove stock, halt production or close the building.


Pest Moth Future Prevention

These latest treatments are preventative. Once the problem has been brought under control, discreet wall-mounted units, serviced by Dyno-Pest technicians will prevent any widespread recurrence.

Dyno-Pest Programme – Effective Treatment Through Pest Management

The award-winning cost-effective treatments used by Dyno-Pest effectively reduce and control moth pest populations by means of ‘ auto-confusion™’ a modern sustainable and unique method of intelligent pest management. The net result of  ‘ auto- confusion™’ is a significant measurable reduction in pest moth populations.  Once achieved this can be sustained through a safe, continuous and cost-effective management treatment. The treatment protects round-the-clock from the risk of economic injury caused by five common species of moth.

Contact Dyno-Pest today if your business is being affected by moths and you want to find out more about Dyno-Pest’s approach to proactive pest management.

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Best Practice Tips for Businesses

  • Closely inspect all incoming goods for the tell-tale signs of infestation by moths – where the problem often stems from.
  • Be alert, brief staff members to be vigilant- don’t simply rely on scheduled visits from your Dyno-Pest technician.  If in doubt, request an unscheduled visit. 
  • Store foodstuffs in sealed containers where possible to prevent moths from burrowing through food packaging.
  • Inspect fabrics, clothing and artefacts regularly for the tell-tale signs of infestation by moths.  Detection at the earliest stage can save much heartache and financial loss.

If your business is being affected by moths please contact Dyno-Pest to arrange a survey

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The London specialists in clothes’ moth infestations for domestic homes

Decades of experience treating clothes’ moth infestations in homes safely and effectively. With Dyno-Pest, you get real value for money and 100% peace of mind. We get it right the first time.

You can contact Dyno-Pest today to book an urgent clothes’ moths inspection – at no charge. Email us or call us. 

We’re looked upon as the leading pest control company in London for our clothes’ moth extermination expertise.

Here’s why.

  • Your Dyno-Pest technician also carries out large clothes’ moth-ridden programmes for Local and National museums, exhibitions and cloth manufacturing companies in the London area. They bring this exceptional expertise to your pest problem.
  • Your clothes and soft furnishings are valuable so preserving them intact during and after treatment is our priority.  After we’ve surveyed the moth-infested areas of your home, we recommend an environmentally responsible extermination treatment plan which can begin the same day.
  • We use the latest treatments and technology including thermal and heat treatments, pheromone lures and other non-chemical solutions as well as safe and effective insecticide applications.
  • As members of The British Pest Control Association for 25+ years, we take our responsibilities to you and your possessions seriously.
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Do you recognise any of these ‘symptoms’?

  • Holes in a favourite jumper. This is in fact the larvae, rather than the moths, that feed on clothes leaving small holes in their wake.
  • Silvery-looking silken webs across the surface of cloth-based furniture and soft furnishings. This is what forms the larvae case and because of this, clothes moths are also known as webbing moths.
  • The larvae will feed on any material containing the animal protein Keratin; hence they prefer expensive wool, silk, cashmere, feathers or fur rather than cheaper man-made fabrics. They will also eat cotton and other natural fibres, but will only go for synthetics if heavily stained with perspiration or food.
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Something important to be aware of…

Dyno-Pest clothes moth experts will locate the source of your infestation and use a number of moth treatments to prevent a recurrence. If the source is not located and the eggs and larvae are not dealt with, the visible moths may be removed. However, despite moth removal, the infestation will remain. Trust the expert clothes’ moth exterminators.

Contact Dyno-Pest today to book an urgent clothes’ moths’ inspection – at no charge. Email us or call us.

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