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In a health and safety briefing, the National Union of Teachers recommended that schools requiring help in handling pest outbreaks should only use reputable firms that are members of the British Pest Control Association. Dyno-Pest is a long-standing member of this UK trade association which has a  code of conduct and professional standards that members must conform to.

Dyno-Pest has many years experience and expertise working with schools and educational establishments. We understand that your kitchens, dining halls, food stores and buildings are all potential breeding grounds for certain pests. These pests include:

  • Ants – ants can cause contamination to foodstuffs and preparation areas. Although staff can take some measures such as keeping foodstuffs in secure containers, the presence of one or more ants nests is an alarm bell that you must call upon the services of a professional pest contractor.
  • Wasps, Bees and hornets – it’s not unusual to have a colony of 30,000 wasps living in wall cavities or nests. They can sting when provoked and with a growing number of young people now vulnerable to the threat of an anaphylactic shock, an untreated infestation can have fatal consequences. These flying insects can also contaminate foodstuffs and can harm the mortar and the building fabric. An infestation of this nature must be treated by a professional pest contractor.
  • Cockroaches – are most commonly found in the school kitchens and the heating systems because they prefer warm moist conditions. Fast spreading (a German cockroach can produce up to 240 eggs per month) the presence of cockroaches in a kitchen indicates that the food preparation areas are unclean. When they come into contact with foodstuffs, cockroaches contaminate. They carry dysentery, typhoid and gastroenteritis. Cockroaches must be treated by a professional pest contractor.
  • Mice and rats contaminate foodstuffs with their urine droppings and hair. They can transmit a number of diseases not least, salmonellosis, rickettsialpox, lymphocytic choriomeningitis and Weils disease. They gnaw through cables and wiring thereby posing a very real fire hazard. Mice and rats must be treated by a professional pest contractor who understands the safety implications for educational establishments, both from pest risks and the methods used for their control.
  • Pigeons and pigeon droppings cause considerable damage to school buildings externally and are often a problem in roof voids and tank rooms as well. What is more, dried pigeon droppings can be sucked into air conditioning units and transmitted around the building.  This can lead to psittacosis, a respiratory illness and legionnaire’s disease. Pigeon proofing a building should only ever be undertaken by a qualified professional pest contractor such as Dyno-Pest who understands all the risks to the users of the building and also the full implications of working at height on complicated, and also often listed, buildings.
  • Squirrels – can enter roof spaces and cause huge amounts of damage. They chew woodwork, strip installation from wiring and water pipes and can drown in open water tanks, causing contamination to the water supply. A professional pest contractor such as Dyno-Pest will effectively squirrel proof vulnerable areas including blocking gaps and entry holes with industrial grade wire mesh and will schedule frequent inspections of the roof spaces.

Dyno-Pest can work with your school to establish a robust pest prevention policy including simple but effective measures that can be undertaken by your school to minimise pest outbreaks. For example alerting pupils to the consequences of dropping litter can reduce the likelihood of an infestation of rats whilst nominating a member of staff to take on the role of pest control monitoring, then training them in how to identify the presence of pests, can ensure that your premises remain pest free. We can survey your building, treat any outbreaks of pests and proof your building. Our focus is always on prevention.

If you have a problem with pests or, would like to establish a pest control policy for your school, please contact Dyno-Pest today.

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