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Effective Pigeon Control in London With a Focus on Prevention So The Problem Does Not Return

Dyno-Pest has decades of experience treating pigeon problems for London homes and businesses safely and swiftly. With Dyno-Pest you get real value for money and 100% peace of mind. That’s because we get it right the first time. We’re regarded as the leading trusted pest control company for pigeon control in London.

Our London-based Dyno-Pest specialist technicians will remove pigeons from your home or business and stop them from returning with guaranteed results.

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Why You Need To Quickly Deal With A Pigeon Infestation

Commercial Buildings in London from hotels to banks, museums, and tourist attractions are used by pigeons for nesting and roosting. With pigeons, the guano (fouling) is classified as hazardous waste and if airborne particles are ingested, a person can suffer a serious lung infection.

Pigeons roost overnight creating piles of hazardous unsightly droppings. They move frequently to access food supplies, leaving droppings on window ledges, fire escapes, and walkways. They also inhabit roof voids and damage stonework. 

Dyno-Pest technicians know where to look to identify the full extent of any pigeon infestation. Using a combination of pigeon proofing, professional cleaning, and preventative measures they ensure your building is restored to its former glory as quickly as possible.

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How To Recognise Damage Caused By Pigeons

  • Fouling of solar panels – This reduces the effectiveness of each contaminated panel by up to 60%.
  • Fouling of patios, paths, and balconies – a slip hazard, unsightly, and a risk to human health.
  • Spoiling the roof and walls– leads to long-term damage of brickwork and stonework.
  • Blocked drains (which can result in water damage)
  • Evidence of nests being infested by crawling and flying insects.
  • Pigeons in the loft space.

Did you know pest birds can also be a health and safety hazard? Pigeons can be harmful to human health. They can cause histoplasmosis, salmonella, meningitis, cryptococcosis, ornithosis, and hypersensitivity pneumonitis (bird fancier’s lung).

  • They carry parasites such as lice, ticks, fleas, and mites which can spread disease from the birds to humans.
  • When the guano (bird mess) is left to dry it becomes airborne. When ingested into the lungs you can suffer serious fungal infections.
  • Pigeon fouling is now classed as hazardous waste.
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Why Choose Dyno-Pest for Pigeon Removal Services

We can solve all your pest pigeon problems with an emphasis on prevention. As members of The British Pest Control Association for 20+ years we take our responsibilities to you, the people in your buildings, and your customers seriously.

Our experienced and specially trained Dyno-Pest technicians will survey your building(s) free of charge and recommend a combination of proven, trusted, and effective treatments.

Treatments can begin the very next day.

We use the latest humane treatments including hawking, bird spikes and sprung wire systems, pigeon netting, and electronic bird deterrent systems. We undertake cleaning of bird fouling, pigeon droppings, and nests and the sanitisation of the contaminated areas.

Dyno-Pest pigeon control technicians are IRATA Level 3 (abseiling) qualified. They will scale your building using ropes to ensure we can deal with your pigeon issue in the best possible way.

Our recommendations take into full consideration the aesthetics of your building and its purpose, plus the extent of the pest bird problem that we find. You can trust Dyno-Pest!

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