Bird Deterrent Systems

Laser Bird Deterrent Systems

Laser technology has been used in aviation for decades as an effective, humane and environmentally friendly treatment for pest birds. With no chemicals and no noise to contend with it is an excellent deterrent method for keeping pigeons and seagulls away from large spaces. The bird deterrent systems can operate day or night, can be programmed to come on at specific times when the risk of a bird ‘invasion’ is at its highest (for example early evening when birds start roosting).

The lasers do not hurt the birds. However, birds see the lasers as an approaching danger. Their instinctive reaction is to move away from the area. The lasers are programmed to move in a variety of patterns using interchanging coloured light beams which are in the birds’ spectrum vision. Because of the changing beams, the birds do not become familiar or comfortable with them. The laser deterrent system can in some cases reduce or eliminate the need for any other bird proofing/bird prevention methods. They are proving popular in warehouses, stadiums, and large gardens because they do not affect people. Professional installation is essential.

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Electronic Bird Deterrent Systems

Discreet, versatile, and extremely effective, electronic bird deterrent systems have an almost universal application because they can be applied on a vast range of surfaces. They will effectively and humanely remove birds from your building or structure. These systems have the maximum effect on pest birds but the minimum impact on your building.

The primary principle is movement and a very low-level sound which creates panic whether birds are in flocks or are isolated. These bird deterrent systems run off a low voltage supply and low air pressure making them safe in most environments. Because they only work ‘on demand,’ running costs are low, wear and tear is minimised. Within 48 hours of the system being installed, the birds that have become accustomed to perching, roosting, and even nesting in your building will learn that it is now not a good place to be and will go elsewhere. From time to time whilst other birds will try and roost on your building, they too will follow suit.

These bird deterrent systems are effective on the most common pest birds and most notably pigeons and seagulls. The system is very discreet (pipes and boxes can be coloured to blend into the environment for example), making them an ideal choice for historic buildings and hotels. For this reason, they are popular with architects. The systems can be fitted to locations that are not suitable for any other proofing methods including flat roofs, pitch roofs, domed roofs, arched roofs, ledges, and towers.

We meet all health and safety requirements, undertake risk assessments and the subsequent follow-on Method Statements ensures our technicians are safe, as are the people using your building whilst they are undertaking professional cleaning and proofing tasks. This process also reassures clients that we approach tasks in the correct order with health, safety, and efficiency of deployment at each stage.

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