Facilities Managers Pest Control

Effective pest control for Facilities Managers in London

As part of the trusted Dyno group, we specialise in providing effective pest control and pest management services to many companies in London. We are increasingly the first choice for many facilities managers.

Cost savings and quality service go hand in hand

In the current challenging economic climate most businesses are looking to make cost savings on their facilities without compromising service levels. As you would expect from the Dyno brand, we use only the best products and technologies and invest significantly in the training of our service engineers. However we can offer a very competitive price, one that is often less than you are currently paying and for a significantly improved service to your current contract. Discover why cheap pest control can cost you your reputation.

Fed up with different service engineers?

With Dyno-Pest you will benefit from the same dedicated service engineer.  One named engineer will be responsible for your pest control programme. Having one person you can get to know and trust compares favourably with a regular turnover of engineers when each time a new engineer is allocated to your contract, you are back to square one showing them the ropes.

Why proactive pest prevention is crucial

At Dyno-Pest our focus is identifying pest prevention.  Through proactive pest management control, we can ensure that in most cases a minor issue that can be readily controlled does not turn into a very visible problem. No benefit is gained from paying a pest management provider a low contract fee if you then have to pay out substantial sums of money in emergency callouts.

Say goodbye to paper based reports

No more Paper! With Dyno-Pest you will benefit from online reporting.  We provide an online reporting system that allows you immediate access to your service history. You can see at a glance how we have responded to any specific issues and the measures we have taken.

Free on-site survey

It’s our remit to make your life easier so that pest control is one of the key tasks that you can effectively forget. Contact us to speak to one of our Dyno-Pest surveyors to arrange a free on-site survey of your premises. We will review your current pest control programme and identify specific areas in which we can improve service and provide cost savings.

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