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There are many different varieties of flies found in the UK, but they all share one thing in common – their ability to spread disease. House Flies and blow Flies are the most common Flies in the UK. Although Fruit Flies are a particular nuisance in commercial kitchens and anywhere that food is prepared, sold, or stored.

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How Flies Can Be A Danger To Health

Flies eat by regurgitating digestive juices onto the food source thus liquefying it, then sucking it up, taking with it any bacteria present. As they fly from rotting meat or animal droppings, then onto food for human consumption, they carry bacteria with them. They then go onto spreading disease wither from further regurgitation or in their faeces (known as fly-spotting). As well as carrying gastroenteritis, dysentery, typhoid, cholera, and tuberculosis, they can bring with them intestinal worms and their eggs.

Commercial Damage Caused By Pest Flies

A fly infestation in your business premises may cause:

  • Damage to your reputation as flies give the impression of poor hygiene and dirt.
  • Damage to foodstuffs and reduced income from potential customers costing your business profit.
  • Disease transmission, as they are highly mobile their range for transmission is wide.
  • Many flies bite whilst spreading diseases which at the least can cause discomfort.
  • Food legislation may be used where flies are seen to be infesting food premises and this can lead to legal issues.


For Restaurants and Businesses

For Restaurants and Businesses that prepare food, fly screens and Electric Insect Killers are often the best methods of keeping Flies at bay. Despite this, these prevention’s need to be positioned accurately to ensure their effectiveness. Our fully trained staff can recommend the most appropriate proofing and preventive measures to avoid further infestations. We can also carry these out for you as part of our service.

Flying Insect Control measures include:-

  • Removal of breeding sites.
  • Installation of fly screens.
  • Install Electric Fly Killer machines.
  • Installation of insect proofing products.

Dyno-Pest provide a variety of products to eradicate flies from your commercial premises. Visit our online store for electronic fly killers here.

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The London Specialists In Fly Control For Domestic Homes

Common Species Of Pest Flies

Flies can be a nuisance around the home. The common housefly is around 6mm long with a wingspan of 13-15mm and 4 stripes on its back. There is also a lesser house fly, which is of a similar size but has three stripes on its back, two of them yellow.

The blue and green bottle flies both resemble the common housefly (the green bottle usually a little bigger), but it can be distinguished by their vibrant metallic colour.

Adult fruit flies are around 3mm in length, the front part of the body is tan and the rear section black and they have red eyes.

Unfortunately, if you have a problem with blowflies, it could signify another pest infestation as they breed exclusively on dead animals and there may be a dead rodent or bird somewhere in your property (under floorboards, behind a cupboard, or in the loft). In this case, you will usually notice a bad smell too as the carcass will have been there for one or two weeks before you see evidence of blowflies.

Why Choose Dyno-Pest?

A professional Dyno-Pest technician will be able to identify the nature of the problem and whether any other pests are present, treating them all accordingly. Our fully-trained staff can recommend the most appropriate proofing and preventative measures to avoid further infestations and carry these out.

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