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Effective pest control for Construction Companies in London

In the last few years we have seen a huge increase in the demand for our services from many of the leading construction companies in the London area.

Pest extermination is high on the agenda and is no longer seen as an option.

When foxes and rodents are left unchecked

A construction site attracts a large number of rodents and foxes, which if not dealt with quickly and effectively can end up becoming the first inhabitants of the newly constructed or refurbished building. There is a health risk to staff from cuts or scratches becoming infected, and the cost of the damage they can wreak on the building can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds, with the building becoming uninhabitable whilst the outbreaks are tackled.

Had these pests been exterminated and controlled from the beginning, these major problems would not have arisen.

Pigeons turn scaffolding into a H&S hazard

Bird fouling, in particular from pigeons is another hazard that arises on construction sites. A pest controller is essential. Pigeon droppings can cause enormous damage to the exterior of the building including any anodised metal surfaces, cladding materials and timber framing. Lofts and tank rooms can be inhabited by roosting birds, and roofs can become corroded. Scaffolding covered in bird droppings becomes a major health and safety hazard, especially in damp conditions or when particles of fouling dust and bacteria become airborne.

Cheap pest control can damage your reputation

We provide a full range of highly effective pest prevention and pest control services including bird proofing systems and specialist scaffolding cleaning. Don’t put your business, your team or your clients at risk – the cost of pest prevention can be accommodated within your budget. Discover why cheap pest control can cost you your reputation.

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