Antimicrobial Surface Coating

Coronavirus (and its many variants) will likely become a seasonal virus. We must learn to live with it and to manage it if we are to keep businesses open and our society functioning to as near normal levels as possible.

Our team has 25 years of experience removing viruses and bacterial risks from workplaces. One of the methods we use is antimicrobial surface coating.

What Is Antimicrobial Coating?

Antimicrobial coating is the process of spraying the solution onto surfaces, especially those that are common touch points, such as door handles and switches. The solution stops any microbial contaminants from growing on these touch points leaving your surfaces clean even when in constant use.

Offices, commercial buildings, leisure facilities, restaurants, hotels, care homes, and schools in the Central London area benefit from our anti-microbial surface coating services – which has been independently tested by international standards to still show efficacy at 90 days. We help make their spaces safe and protected from all viruses – not just Coronavirus. Once the surface coating has been completed, we provide certificates and stickers, so you can show the world that the safety of everyone using your facility is of paramount importance to you and that you have addressed it.

Dyno-Pest is an accredited, fully trained installer of Nordic Chem antimicrobial coating.

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How Does It Antimicrobial Technology Work?

The most powerful next-generation water-based long-term antimicrobial coating from Nordic Chem has been designed to inhibit the growth of microorganisms for extended periods after application (independently tested to be effective 90 days after application).

  • Once the coating has dried it forms an invisible layer of ‘nanospikes’ which is the product’s process of elimination – it is mechanical – not chemical in comparison with other long-term solutions.
  • This product, applied by Dyno-Pest accredited technicians can be applied to almost any surface. This is an entirely new level of protection in your facility.
  • The ingredients have been tested and found to be effective against a wide range of viruses and bacteria (including Covid-19), creating an inhospitable surface for these dangerous microorganisms. They keep your space safe for all.
  • This surface coating is extremely effective in high and low traffic areas making it ideal for application in a range of spaces from cloakrooms and kitchens to offices, restrooms, and meeting rooms.
  • The active ingredient in the coating is ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) registered and compliant. The coating can be applied to, and bonds with almost any surface – porous or non-porous, metal, leather, fabric, etc.
  • The water-based surface coating is odour free, colourless, and odourless. There is no downtime after application. Your people can return once our technician has finished surface coating your area(s).

Using the proven Nordic Chem antimicrobial surface coating we help you manage your space so that it is safe, and that it remains safe for all for many weeks after application.

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The Antimicrobial Surface Coating We Use

As mentioned earlier, we use the Nordic Chem next-generation water-based long-term antimicrobial coating. This inhibits the growth of microorganisms for extended periods after application (independently tested to be effective 90 days after application). When dry the invisible ‘nanospikes’ eliminate any traces of virus on a mechanical- not- chemical basis. All areas are coated with this colourless, non-toxic odourless product including floors, soft furnishings, ceilings, walls, skirting boards, cupboards, etc – even the undersides of shelves and desks. It is applied by our technicians trained to use the specialist purpose-made equipment.

It is independently and scientifically tested to kill 99.999% of all harmful pathogens and viruses within five minutes. This includes COVID-19, Norovirus, Swine Flu, HIV, Hepatitis C, E. coli, Salmonella.

We coat; it dries, and the surfaces are used as normal keeping your facility safe for 90 days.

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Why Dyno-Pest?

We have built our reputation on delivering a first-class customer experience. This is in our DNA. We only work with providers of technologies and products that have been independently proven to be the very best there is.

Our Technicians

We care about your safety and our technicians. They will visit your premises in fully encapsulated personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes full-face respiratory masks covering eyes, mouth, and nose, protective disposable gloves, overalls, and overshoes. Essentially, they are in a protective bubble. They follow all applicable rules and guidance from the UK governments and agencies such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Whilst coating your surfaces they will deploy video and take photographs. This is a popular service not least because it reassures employees they are returning to a safe workplace and visitors that they’re entering a safe space.

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