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Effective pest control for Hotels in London

No vacancies for unwelcome pests

It’s every Hotel manager’s nightmare – a guest reports an insect infestation or sees a rodent in the dining area. Worse still, they suffer ill health and distress from a room that has been infested with bed bugs.

Many of these incidents appear as headlines in the newspapers.

The subsequent damage to the hotel’s reputation and their profitability is catastrophic. A reputation that has been built up over many years can be severely damaged with just one outbreak could have been prevented with the right pest control and pest prevention programme.

We work with many hotels in the greater London area, ranging from the most prestigious names to the budget priced groups aimed at students and frequent business travellers. The cost of an effective pest control programme does not have to be onerous. We specialise in identifying each one of the risk areas within your hotel and then develop tailored and cost-effective solutions.

Pigeon fouling to the exterior of your Hotel

The Greater London area is rife with pigeons that can cause enormous damage to the appearance and attractiveness of the exterior of the building. This can have a negative effect on guests and potential clients. The exterior appearance of your hotel is as important as the inside. We can put in place bird proofing measures that will significantly reduce damage from perching and roosting birds.

Do you have a problem with bed bugs?

Bed bugs! Every single hotel is at risk of them and bed bugs are now becoming one of the biggest threats to a Hotel’s reputation and livelihood. Yet many Hoteliers are still ignoring the issue until an outbreak is reported. By this time the bed bugs will have spread to the surrounding rooms and it will be impossible to re-let any of them until each one has been treated.

The cost of treating a major outbreak in several rooms could have been avoided simply through the early detection and subsequent rapid treatment of the room in which the outbreak began. Your Dyno-Pest technician will advise your staff on how they can detect the earliest signs of bed bugs and in the event of even the smallest outbreak, will thoroughly treat the entire room – not just the bed!

Results from this type of approach have proved to be excellent, with a fast turnaround and no further incident arising. Our preventative regimes and treatments are also an increasingly popular service with hotels.

Pests in your dining and food preparation areas?

A scrupulously clean and well maintained kitchen is still at risk of infestation from mice, cockroaches, rats and flying insects. Effective pest prevention and pest control in all food hygiene areas is absolutely vital and is an environmental health requirement. The same is true of the dining area. Given the usual close proximity between the kitchen and dining area, a problem that starts in the kitchen will rapidly spread to the dining area and a Hotel can soon find itself without any customers.

Free on-site survey

It’s important that your Hotel undergoes a thorough risk assessment. We will therefore assess the reception area, any sports, health and leisure facilities that you provide and your back-office support functions.

Contact us if you would like to speak to one of our Dyno-Pest surveyors to arrange a free on-site survey of your Hotel.

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