‘Bed Bug Registry’ of real concern to UK hotel industry

A US and Canada initiative designed to alert travellers to the hotels with the most bed bug infestations is, according to Ralph Izod, MD of Dyno-Pest of real concern to the UK hotel industry.

The Bed Bug registry compiles reports of bed bug sightings at hotels around the U.S. and Canada. In the top 10 most frequently infested hotels are well known brands that operate in the UK as well as in the US and Canada. The site includes a search function which enables individual hotels to be checked for infestation reports. It also has a list of the top cities and hotel chains for bed bugs. Although unverified the reports alert the unsuspecting traveller of which chains to avoid. It is therefore of real interest to the business traveller who may regularly visit a chain that has become notorious for its frequent infestations.

“The problem with bed bugs is they attach themselves to clothing, books, stationery and luggage so the traveller can bring the problem into the heart of their home. This can entail months of misery and treatment because even with a professional pest controller using the latest effective chemical and heat treatments, it usually takes three treatments to eradicate the problem completely” says Ralph.

“Although this Registry names and shames hotel chains in the US and Canada it would not take much for someone to create something similar for the UK. A hotel must protect its brand, and of course its staff and customers from all pests including bed bugs. And this means working with a proactive and experienced pest controller who will keep it well away from the negative PR which can bring it untold damage,” concludes Ralph.

If you are experiencing problems with bed bugs or other pests in your hotel or business please contact Dyno-Pest to arrange a technician inspection which is usually conducted at no charge.

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