Housing Association with High Rise Mice!

Dyno-Pest surveyors were called out recently by a housing association with an ongoing problem with mice infesting every floor of their high-rise apartment block. The mice were predominantly gaining entry to the building via the plastic air bricks and, from there to the individual apartments via the waste pipes. They were further aided and abetted by the plentiful waste bin storage areas, the riser cupboards throughout the building and, the gaps under the doors leading to the communal areas.

An integrated pest management programme was recommended comprising the following:

  1. An intensive eradication programme to bring the infestation rapidly under control.
  2. On-going pest management with strategically placed bait boxes within the building and at the perimeter with monthly technician visits to monitor the reduction in activity.
  3. Our technicians working with the onsite caretaking teams to proof weak entry points.

Ralph Izod, Dyno-Pest Managing Director said: “housing associations have a  duty of care procedure to ensure the welfare of their tenants. Failing to show any due diligence in relation to controlling pests could create unrest not least because of the potential for contamination with the breach of hygiene and health issues. What’s more, if the infestation worsened, then without an adequate Integrated Pest Management Programme in place a tenant could seek legal redress with the local council, under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949. This could result in the council issuing an enforceable notice to the housing association to take action. Thankfully we are now working with this housing association. Within the next four weeks this long standing infestations will be brought fully under control. In the weeks that follow it will be eradicated.”


The Prevention of Damage by Pests Acts 1949 puts responsibility on the Local Authority to ensure the district is free from rats and mice. The Local Authority can enforce duties on land owners and occupiers  to eradicate rats and mice living on their land.

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