How to seriously scare the starlings away

Starlings; most of us notice these noisy birds in the autumn and winter months when they leave the colder climate of Europe for the warmer shores of the UK. They are then with us until April. In that time they can cause untold damage to a business; especially one involved in the production or serving of foodstuffs (including of course hotels, restaurants and leisure centres) – all businesses that must comply with health and safety legislation when it comes to any form of pest including birds.


As Darren Williams, Hawkeye Bird Control’s Senior Service Manager explains, being noisy should be the least of our worries about starlings.

“Their fouling contains uric acid which can eat in to stone work, masonry, even metal,” says Darren. “What’s more they’re renowned for contaminating animal feed, raw materials, foodstuffs and bathing water. They’re a seriously destructive bird which is why we have to manage any starling problem using a number of approaches including scaring them away using electronic distress calls, installing spikes and, mesh netting where they try and roost or perch and of course hawking – using a bird of prey to ensure they can’t take up permanent residence in any building or factory. However as always, it starts with a thorough on site survey. Only then can we determine what the appropriate integrated pest bird management programme should be.”

“But they are birds to ignore at your peril so please contact us if your business is experiencing problems with these birds.”

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