Reducing the risk of rats in your garden – 10 top tips from the expert technicians at Dyno-Pest

Nobody wants to discover rats in their garden. So what can you do to minimise the likelihood of this happening? These tips from the technicians at Dyno-Pest will make a real difference.

  1. If you feed the birds ensure the food is kept in tamper proof containers; ideally steel with a secure lid so they cannot be gnawed.
  2. If you keep hens, ensure you check the hen run/house and surrounding garden for eggs every day and, dispense with their water at night. Rats love raw eggs and egg shells and they will drink from the hen’s water butts at night (when they are at their most prolific).
  3. If you have a compost bin, ensure it is placed on a concrete base and it is well covered. Inspect it weekly for signs of rats.
  4. Keep any areas around your garden bird feeders clean.
  5. Don’t leave any food out overnight for hedgehogs or other pets. It’s more likely rats will take advantage of this than a cute hedgehog…
  6. Check under your sheds for any evidence of rats.
  7. Seal any food destined for refuse collection in tamper proof bags before putting in the outside bin.
  8. Areas of overgrowth in your garden – bushes, weeds and vegetable beds provide a perfect haven and food source for rats.
  9. If you have a log store (wood burners are a fast growing trend) stack the logs neatly and check the store regularly.
  10. Make sure all drain covers are secure.

Next month Dyno-Pest technicians will look at how you can protect your home from rats….

If you have a problem with rats in your garden, home or business don’t hesitate to contact us.

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