Too many flies?

With the warmer weather now upon us and temperatures set to soar higher still, many householders will experience unwelcome numbers of flying insects in the coming months. Guidance on the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005 states that “as a guideline, an occupier will normally experience some irritation if there are five or more flying houseflies present in any one room at any one time on three successive days.” Flies can infest your home for many reasons including:

  • a dead bird or rodent in the roof or chimney – a hazard for bluebottles
  • overflowing bins with uncovered food debris – a hazard for houseflies
  • decaying meat and fish – a hazard for bluebottles
  • blocked drains – a hazard for drain flies
  • decaying fruit and vegetable waste – a hazard for fruit flies

It pays to be vigilant, to ensure that you store food appropriately and dispose of it hygienically. Make sure that food is not exposed overnight, that food containers are washed immediately after use and all food debris is disposed of quickly. And have your chimney swept at least once a year.

If you are experiencing problems with flies, please contact Dyno-Pest. We will identify the cause of the infestation and eradicate the problem from your home. Don’t forget, flies are widely recognised as carriers of disease-causing organisms. They crawl and feed on infected waste and subsequently infect human food when they alight on it. They also carry the notorious MRSA and C difficile. Contact us today for professional advice and reassurance.

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