Top 5 pests affecting educational facilities

Pest problems can pose a major danger to the health of students and staff at educational facilities. Unfortunately, pests often find everything they need to thrive in these institutions, including a safe and comfortable nesting area. 

Classrooms, cafeterias, canteens, toilets, and university halls of residence are some of the places where pests find a home. But what are the top 5 pests that wreak havoc in schools, colleges and universities? 

As pest control experts in London, Dyno-Pest has helped schools and educational establishments to manage pest outbreaks and develop a pest control policy. If you’re a teacher, school administrator, or concerned parent, this article is for you, as we’ll answer this question and give you some recommendations.

Ants – An ant may well destroy a whole dam

Be alert if you spot one or more ants in the kitchen or dining hall. It could be an indicator that there are many more nearby. The presence of ants can lead to the contamination of foodstuffs and preparation areas. 

Ants are often overlooked and considered harmless, but they can be a serious problem if they get into school food supplies. In addition, some children may be allergic to their bites, and some species may also carry dangerous pathogens. 

Thus, once you discover one ant nest or more, you should contact experienced ant control technicians right away.

Cockroaches – A horrific sight 

Cockroaches love humid environments; therefore, they thrive in heating systems, food service areas, and drains. But you may also see them near vending machines, locker rooms, and waste bins. 

Cockroaches are more than just ancient and fearsome insects. They reproduce and spread easily, carrying bacteria and parasitic worms, including the vectors that cause gastroenteritis, typhoid fever, and dysentery. 

If your school is facing a cockroach infestation, we recommend the implementation of a targeted eradication and management routine.  All of the premises will need to be treated.

Bed bugs – The nightmare of halls of residence

The student accommodation experience can turn into a nightmare. If your students start complaining of bed bug bites, you have a problem on your hands. 

This pest can hide in mattresses, bed frames, furniture, and clothing.  The bites are itchy and sometimes cause painful swelling. 

We’re known for using the latest in bed bug heat treatment and pesticide-free solutions, allowing students to reoccupy their rooms safely within 60 minutes.

Wasps – One of the most feared and potentially aggressive pests

The idea of wasps attacking children during break time is terrifying, but it’s a possibility. Landscapes, playing fields and sports fields can attract various pests, including wasps, which may have a colony in wall cavities or nests nearby.

When wasps feel threatened, they emit a pheromone that encourages other colony members to attack. The stinging frenzy can have fatal consequences, as children are more vulnerable and prone to anaphylactic shock.

School staff should never attempt to deal with the infestation themselves. DIY treatments are rarely effective and may pose a risk to your health. 

Rodents – If you smell a rat, take action

When these unwanted intruders make a classroom appearance, you know that students won’t be able to concentrate again. Some teachers may even jump up on their desks if they see a mouse or rat near school equipment. 

Rats and mice aren’t conducive to a positive learning environment for students, lecturers, and school administrators. Rodents can transmit several diseases, such as salmonellosis and lymphocytic choriomeningitis. Their urine droppings and hair are health and safety hazards. And this pest can also pose a fire hazard as they gnaw through cables and wiring. 

Failure to deal with an infestation can lead to heavy fines and prosecution. Recently, a multi-academy trust made the headlines for breaching food hygiene and safety regulations after ignoring a mouse infestation. We don’t want your school or educational establishment to suffer the same fate.

How Dyno-Pest can help with pests affecting educational facilities

As members of the British Pest Control Association, we offer effective pest control for educational facilities in London. Our team can:

  • Survey the school premises and student accommodation
  • Treat the outbreak of pests
  • Proof the educational facilities to prevent future infestation.

In addition, we’ll happily work with your institution to implement a pest prevention policy. 

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Dyno-Pest today.

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