What are the Main Causes of Odour, and how can a Pest Control Specialist Help

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If you notice a bad smell or odour in your home you will likely want to quickly identify the cause and get rid of it immediately. You may not realise it, but one reason your home might smell bad is due to pests.

If you’re at your home and wondering what’s that smell, then it’s time to investigate it further and take action. Given all this, it’s important to address the questions, what are the main causes of odour, and how can a pest control specialist help? Here is some more advice on how to identify pest odours and where you can get the right solution.


When pests enter your home, they start to give off certain smells. One common pest problem and odour comes from cockroaches. They’re not only nasty and hard to look at but they smell bad too. If you have cockroaches then you’re likely to notice an “oily” type of smell. Dead roaches produce an even more unpleasant smell that will be quite apparent. Never try to tackle a pest infestation alone, instead, call us, the number one Pest control London.


Another type of pest that will produce an odour is bedbugs. The common assumption and myth are that they can’t be seen. While they’re easier to smell than see, they are big enough for you to notice them. They give off a sweet smell and you’re likely to observe stains too. If you smell copper or something like that of a penny, then get in touch with us right away because it’s likely bedbugs.

Rodents & Mice

If you have rodents or mice in your home then you may know it by their scent. If it’s a rat you’ll notice an ammonia-type smell, whereas with mice it’s more of a urine scent and will be mustier smelling than if it’s a rat. You may not only smell urine but you might see droppings, and if so, then get in touch with our Pest Control Specialists as soon as possible.

How We Can Help

If you become aware of odours in your home and believe it may be from one of these pests then it’s wise to trust your instincts and give us a call immediately. A pest control specialist such as us knows how to handle the situation and get rid of these pests once and for all. We will determine the type of pest you’re dealing with and then take the proper action to ensure these pests and pest odours are eliminated.


You now have a better idea of the main causes of odour in your home and what type of pest might be the culprit. It’s in your best interest to contact a pest control specialist in London instead of trying to take care of the problem on your own. We have the right knowledge, tools, and equipment to rid your home of these annoying and smelly pests and ensure your house smells great and inviting. Contact us today for pest inspection services and an instant quote.

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