Top 5 Tips for Construction Pest Control

Construction Pest Control

There’s no doubt that construction is an important industry in the UK. In 2022, the gross value added (GVA) of the construction sector amounted to almost £128.9bn. And in London alone, the average construction cost of buildings is approximately £3,108 per square metre. But when it comes to construction projects, pest control is a crucial […]

Effective Pest Control in Healthcare Facilities:  A Comprehensive Guide

Pest control in healthcare

In clinics, care homes, and other healthcare institutions, pests are a major problem. And keeping high hygiene standards is a critical part of your job as a healthcare professional. But what happens when clients detect pests or a sudden outbreak occurs? The cleanliness of your working environment and your reputation are compromised. Effective pest control […]

Office Pest Control: 5 Proven Tips to Keep Unwanted Guests Away

office pest control

You’re the first to arrive at the office in the morning; you turn on the lights and immediately notice something scurrying out of sight. You take a few deep breaths and go about your morning routine. But when you reach into the filing cabinet for some documents and open the drawer, you gasp in horror […]

10 Best Pest Control Tips for Businesses

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No business is immune to pest infestations. An infestation in a commercial facility can quickly become a full-blown problem, resulting in a damaged reputation and significant financial loss. If your business is at risk, the solution is to be proactive. That’s why in this article, we’ll share 10 pest control tips for businesses you can put […]

5 Reasons Why Pest Management Ensures Business Success

pest management

There’s a lot to juggle when running a business. Insurance, compliance, and health and safety are just some of the additional tasks that need to be kept up to date, and it can become a juggling act staying on top of it all. Pest management might not be the first thing you think of when […]

How to keep pests out of your holiday decorations

keep pests out of your holiday decorations

We’re approaching that time of year when anticipation grows for the upcoming holidays. It’s the moment to dust off last year’s Halloween and Christmas decorations. What a horror to discover that the box in which they were stored is damaged, as well as your beloved ornaments. With the hustle and bustle of the festive season, […]

Top 5 pests affecting educational facilities

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Pest problems can pose a major danger to the health of students and staff at educational facilities. Unfortunately, pests often find everything they need to thrive in these institutions, including a safe and comfortable nesting area.  Classrooms, cafeterias, canteens, toilets, and university halls of residence are some of the places where pests find a home. […]

Too many flies?

fly control

With the warmer weather now upon us and temperatures set to soar higher still, many householders will experience unwelcome numbers of flying insects in the coming months. Guidance on the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005 states that “as a guideline, an occupier will normally experience some irritation if there are five or more flying […]

Housing Association with High Rise Mice!

mice removal london

Dyno-Pest surveyors were called out recently by a housing association with an ongoing problem with mice infesting every floor of their high-rise apartment block. The mice were predominantly gaining entry to the building via the plastic air bricks and, from there to the individual apartments via the waste pipes. They were further aided and abetted […]